Donation Ideas

Auction Donation Ideas

We are accepting goods and services for the auction. Goods could be member art work, one-of-a-kind unique items, food items, etc.  These are not yard sale items.

  • For Kids and Families
    • Read a bedtime story to kids via Zoom.
    • Host an online murder mystery party (
    • Take a lucky family to the zoo or Tiger Rescue.
    • Host an outdoor Rodent Maze Run. Kids bring their hamsters or guinea pigs or very small Chihuahuas and time the race. Or award points for styles, e.g., Tortoise award goes to the slowest contestant, etc.
    • Offer an outdoor kid-friendly craft project.
  • Arts and Crafts
    • Host a Zoom craft class. Deliver material to winners, then provide instruction via Zoom.
    • Offer something you have already made – painting, knitted socks, ceramic vase, etc.
    • Offer something you can make – scarf, Halloween costume, bird house, wine rack, apron, etc.
    • Offer to create something unique to the winner – they choose color, size, and are involved in the design process.
    • Create a poem.
    • Offer music lessons.
    • Teach someone to build a bird house or trellis.
  • Group Events (with Physical Distancing)
    • Watch a historical sports event via Zoom. Before the game, deliver popcorn/drinks to winners.
    • Have concerts (3 – 4 performers) via ZOOM and sell auction “tickets” to in order to be admitted.
    • A ZOOM poetry night—again buy “tickets” to attend the zoom meeting. Buyers are given a password thereby admitting them.
    • Smaller dinner parties where guests sit at different tables.
    • Outdoor letter writing party on issue of your choice to elected official(s) of your choice.
    • Drive-In Home Theater outdoor movie night. Rent and/or borrow projectors and PA systems.
    • Outdoor online poker tournament. Everyone plays on their phone so the chips aren’t a problem. Make a trophy to pass around year after year!
    • Host a tailgate party in the church parking lot.
    • Host a Prime Video or Netflix movie party. Deliver popcorn before the movie.
    • Offer a dinner for curbside pickup, pickup from the church parking lot, or delivery. Think about eco-friendly containers, yours or the winners.
  • Classes / Professional
    • Zoom yoga instruction.
    • Online wine “lecture.”
    • Online wine and paint night.
    • Cooking class via Zoom, e.g., bread-making.
    • Offer computer training or tutoring.
  • Offer a Service
    • Deliver flowers from your garden.
    • Deliver garden produce.
    • Lead a hike to a special place or historical site.
    • Lead a guided walking tours, e.g., the outdoor sculptures at the NC Museum of Art, along the Greenway, or maybe downtown architecture theme.
    • Donate 4 hours to help someone with yard/garden work.
    • Offer shopping services, e.g., Trader Joe’s, Christmas shopping.
    • Offer a car wash or car detailing.
  • Food
    • Monthly homemade soup or dessert or bread or casserole or cookies delivery.
    • One-time food delivery, e.g., Italian lasagna dinner.
    • Host an outdoor barbecue in your yard or porch.
    • Host a picnic at a park.

[Please note that some of the following ideas might not work in the Covid19 world.] Craft projects ■ dinners ■ game night ■ garden design ■ room painting ■ teach a card game ■ teach a sport ■ mountain or shore retreat ■ repairs ■ tour ■ pet sitting or grooming ■ resume writing ■ life or health coaching ■ car rides ■ a weird party ■ murder mystery dinner ■ beer or wine tasting ■ kayaking ■ hike ■ organize a room ■ paint a picture ■ food-centered party ■ music night ■ pool party ■ dessert party ■ star gazing ■ celebrate a holiday ■ cooking class ■ teach a craft ■ preparation of a legal document ■ babysitting ■ boat trip ■ teach social media ■ lend your pickup truck for a weekend ■ one-day fishing trip ■ income tax prep ■ 24-hour baby sitting ■ quilting lessons ■ pool party ■ your meat cooked in my smoker ■ resume prep ■ knitting lesson ■ skating lesson ■ 

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