Offer a Service or Activity

(Please stay tuned as we’re still working on these details.)

Questions?  Email Danna Mattocks

The auction depends on you to offer services, activities or events to be performed or provided.  Be creative.   Singing telegrams?  Paint a portrait?  Take someone fishing?  Help select a new car?

Make your description sound exciting!  (We might choose to edit your description to give it some oomph.)

Please note:  This year the auction is  focusing on services, activities or works of art that you created yourself.  We are not accepting used items for this year’s auction.  The auction committee reserves the right to accept or decline submissions.  

All submissions must be received no later than [tbd].

Below [will be] the form that you need to fill out.  Don’t forget to click the “Send” button at the bottom.  Thank you!